• ingredients: homegrown rose, german chamomile, and calendula mixed with white clay.

    Gently detoxify and soothe your skin. I specifically chose white clay for its ability to cleanse but in a sweet & subtle way. All of the flowers in this blend are wonderful allies to the skin. Roses are great at toning all skin types and are mildly astringent, helping to pull bacteria and dirt from pores. Calendula is a potent bloom known to promote cell repair and growth. While also being anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, helps treat skin infections, rashes, sores, bruises, and burns. German Chamomile is anti-inflammatory, anti-septic, calming, and helps ease soreness.


    Light candles, set an intention. Mix a tablespoon of mask with water, hydrosol, honey, or whatever inspires you. Apply to face, neck, chest, back or wherever needed and marinate in the magic. Wash once dry and emanate your unique radiance. This mask can also be used as an exfoliant; mix in wet hands onto wet face and scrub gently.

    4 oz. of flower power

    Testimony: “After using the glow face mask, my skin feels baby smooth and it is literally glowing!! I struggle with acne as well as dry and sensitive skin. Most masks irritate my skin and cause breakouts. This clay is so gentle and knowing that the flowers used were grown right at the source soothes my organic, go local, 'grown with love' standards. I'm so excited to start using the radiance hydrosol!!” - C

    G L O W - floral face mask