• Riding the ups and downs of energetic waves with grace, ease, and power.  Expansive and detailed psychic vision.  Direct connection to the Divine.  Extreme heart expander, and clarity of every cell, layer, and level. Fearless strength. Wisdom of infinite truth. 

    3.3 FL OZ

    INGREDIENTS: Egret Essence, Sacred Water, Organic Vodka, and Medical Grade Essential Oils:

    Buddha Wood - Energetic Protector and Inner Vision

    Linaloe - Courage and Cosmic Protection of Love

    Clove Bud - Chi Warmer and Preserver of your Being

    Myrrh - Balancer of One's Spirit, and Balancer between the Ethereal and the Earth

    Ginger - Courage, Confidence, Purification, Grounding, Warmth, and Light

    Balsam Copal - Quieting the mind 

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    Hawk Feather Essence Spray