Here’s the absolute truth: You deserve a life filled with joy, hope, and possibility. If you have picked up this book, you know deep down that you are yearning for this life yet to be lived, with fear diminished, anxiety and regret reduced, and optimism restored.

My hope is that this book will be a resource that you come back to again and again. Whether you have a lazy afternoon (we can dream, right?) or just five minutes before an important meeting, this is your handbook for taming your inner critic, living bravely, and unleashing your joy.

Have confidence in this process and trust the moments as they unfold. Lastly, before we begin, I invite you to place three ingredients into your heart. These are: Acceptance, Love, and Courage. Acceptance will help balance your judgment, Love will manage your fear, and Courage will help soothe your anxiety.

With The Perfection Detox, you will finally be able to release the fear that is rooted in perfectionism and soar into a life of your dreams. And as Elizabeth Gilbert said, “Perfectionism is just fear in really good shoes.” Now is the time to take off the fancy footwear and step into the life that is waiting for you.

The Perfection Detox